BrandBurp Expresses Gratitude to Year 2020 with #Shukrana2020 Campaign


2020 was a nightmare for everyone. From giving us unforgettable memories to taking several lives, the year took a toll on people from all over the world. Excess demises during the pandemic resulted in having a mortality rate higher than ever. Not just lives, but people also lost their jobs, businesses, and whatnot.

During these uncertain times when people were waiting for a miracle to happen, we at BrandBurp Digital tried to put smiles on their faces by organizing the #Shukrana2020 campaign. It was conducted on our Instagram handle from December 25th to 31st.

Aimed at expressing gratitude to the year 2020, the #Shukrana2020 campaign ensured that the year ends on a positive note. The year was not the best but we still were fortunate enough to join hands with few influencers who helped us succeed in our mission of executing the campaign.

How influencers joined us at promoting #Shukrana2020

Shukrana means gratitude and the campaign proved to be a masterstroke. We would like to give the credit to the influencers, who joined us on this journey and encouraged people to have a better outlook for the year 2021.

Through the campaign, influencers shared their journey, their hardships, and how they remained positive during the trying times. While some talked about how they cope up during the pandemic, others talked about their challenges and what helped them remain optimistic.

Encouraging Positivity

The pandemic has resulted in a lot of uncertainty among people, be it about their career or life. However, the only thing that can keep them going or can act as a ray of hope is “being positive”. This may sound impractical but positivity is the key to a lot of problems. Not only does it keeps people motivated but also gives a better lookout during the testing times.

With our #Shukrana2020 campaign, we tried to do the same and influencers helped us in making the campaign successful by indulging positivity through their talks.

A bigger outlook

Finding happiness during these torrid times is like searching for a needle in a chuff. It was a test of our mental stability and strength. But as it is said, “bygones are bygones”! It is a fundamental aspect that one has to keep moving to explore new opportunities and possibilities to shape a better future. With #Shukrana2020, we expressed our gratitude to 2020 and ended it on a positive note. Yes, it was a struggle throughout, but the vacant space and the new normal of staying at home gave people a lot of quality time to people to understand their family and loved ones in a better way.

Thinking Forward

In 2021, we are looking ahead for a secured yet progressive approach. Being one of the most reputed Digital Marketing companies in the country, we are creating ways to lend our clients the best we could offer. We are not fans of procuring a minimal approach hence we guide our clients in order to help them move in a direction they want their business to propel. Providing seamless and intrusive tools, techniques to help businesses strikeout in every competition is our forte, and we will look to lean on our strengths. We hope 2021 prosper everyone’s lives and people get tons of happiness.

About BrandBurp

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